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January 14, 2019

Winter isn’t easy. Preparing for work means piling on layers of clothing, commutes can be bitterly cold, and outdoor adventures often feel impossible. But the latest and greatest in outerwear technology is changing all of that.

Heated jackets combine the unrivaled warmth you need in the heart of winter with trendy looks that can be worn anywhere and in all seasons. Here are five reasons why you should wear a heated jacket this winter.

Forget the Bulk

Let’s face it: Winter isn’t the top season for trendy clothing. That’s because you often need several layers — hat, gloves, thick socks and a jacket — just to leave the house. With a heated winter jacket, you can ditch the layers and let the battery-powered heating technology do the work for you. With the right heated jacket, you can even wear your summer tops in winter.

Skip the Weather Forecast

The weather forecast doesn’t matter as much in winter when you know you’ll be warm. The best heated jackets come equipped with multiple warming zones in various parts of the coat — chest, back and other areas. Kelvin battery-heated coats offer three temperature settings so you can customize your warmth to suit the changing weather.

Stay on Trend

Until battery-heated jackets, it has been nearly impossible to simultaneously look good and stay warm in the winter months. Kelvin Coats has designed a variety of men’s and women’s battery-heated jackets that are so fashionable, you’ll wear them even when the heating technology isn’t needed. From hooded parkas and duck down-quilted coats to lightweight athleisure outerwear, Kelvin has combined the latest trends with the best heating technology.

You Can Even Forego Gloves

In winter months, forgetting your gloves at home can ruin an entire day. But when you’re wearing a heated winter jacket, your hands can be warm at all times. The best heated jackets feature warming zones in the pockets so you can slip your hands inside and immediately warm them to any temperature setting you please.

Stay Connected

Heated jackets are mostly praised for their warming technology, but they feature other state-of-the-art tech, too. In fact, all Kelvin battery-heated jackets include a 7.4-Volt USB output for charging portable devices, allowing you to stay connected even in the harshest winter conditions.

Find the Best Heated Jacket

Kelvin Coats offers the best selection of heated jackets on the market. Its selection of battery-heated outerwear includes items of varying styles, colors and thicknesses to suit any temperatures — from cool to bitter cold. Each jacket features carbon-fiber heating technology in five core warming zones, including the right chest, left chest, right pocket, left pocket and mid back.

There’s simply no better way to maintain or increase your body heat when cold weather inevitably strikes. Browse our selection of trendy and technical battery-heated jackets, and change the way you view winter today.