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November 04, 2021

Cold weather is an inevitability for the majority of people at one point or another. While many love the cold and flock outdoors as soon as the temperatures drop, others are often sadly deterred due to the fear of the cold and desire for warmth. Staying warm is a natural part of enjoying the fall and winter seasons, with countless seasonal experiences that can be taken advantage of as long as people properly equip themselves for the weather. As humans, we have only ever gotten more creative in our solutions for avoiding the cold, and no other solution stands out in its innovation and design than the battery-heated jacket. As a trusted winter staple that is cherished within any cold-weather wardrobe, choosing the right jacket is a natural part of weathering the elements. And what better jacket can be chosen than a heated jacket that allows you to stay warm no matter how cold it gets? Battery-heated jackets only scratch the surface of the extensive amounts of heated apparel that have been developed in recent years. From heated gloves to heated winter coats, the interest in heated apparel has only increased in popularity.

In this article, we’ll explore how battery-heated jackets work, as well as explore some of the benefits of investing in heated apparel. Cold weather shouldn’t stop you from experiencing the many opportunities the cold seasons have to offer, and by learning more about Kelvin’s heated apparel you can be on your way to elevate the way you prepare for the cold.

How Do Battery Heated Jackets and Apparel Work?

At Kelvin, all heated apparel is battery-powered to provide ample heat to the body during any cold environment. Boasting five warming areas throughout the torso and three heating settings for a personalizing warming experience, each heated jacket is designed to spread heat to the body however the person wearing the piece would prefer. The battery resides in an inner pocket within the heated jacket or coat and can be easily removed for the sake of washing or recharging.

The fabrics used within battery heated jackets play an important role in not only providing heat to those wearing them but extending the lifespan of the garment. Kelvin jackets implement carbon fiber heating technology to create a durable and protective jacket as well as adequately spread warmth throughout the garment without worry of heat damage to the garment.

Why Use Carbon Fiber Heating Technology?

Carbon fiber heating technology is the most common way heated apparel brands such as Kelvin ensure their apparel is durable, protective, and well-insulating. Within a carbonization process of placing organic fibers under extremely high temperatures, carbon fiber is created. Used within a large span of industries from space shuttle parts to watches and accessories, carbon fiber has been embraced by heated apparel companies due to its highly durable and lightweight properties. Carbon is dramatically more lightweight than many other materials and naturally absorbs energy, which makes it ideal for heated technologies and apparel. The carbon fiber heated technology within each Kelvin battery heated jacket ensures that the heating sectors do not burn through the fabric and properly distribute warmth throughout the entire garment.

What are the Benefits of a Battery Operated Winter Coat?

There are immeasurable benefits to being able to grab a jacket and spend an extended amount of time in the cold without any worry. Whether you’re visiting a cold environment or live in an area where low temperatures are constantly anticipated, investing in winter apparel that provides enough protection against the elements is crucial. Let’s explore some of the largest benefits of choosing a battery-heated jacket this winter.

  • Increase Muscle Movement: Especially for winter athletes, heated jackets can increase overall performance by improving flexibility and relieve muscle soreness.
  • Easily Adjustable Body Temperatures: Effortlessly transition from outdoors to an indoor event with adjustable heating settings to help regulate overall temperature.
  • Prevent Hypothermia: Hypothermia occurs when heat escapes us faster than we can generate it, and with a heated jacket this becomes automatic.
  • Spend More Time Outdoors: Many amazing opportunities can be experienced during cold weather, and heated apparel makes spending extended time outside comfortable and more easily enjoyed.

Battery Heated Jacket Shopping Guide

    Now that we understand how battery-heated jackets work and the many benefits of welcoming heated apparel into a winter wardrobe, let’s discuss what one should look for in a well-made battery-heated jacket. Staying warm is based on numerous factors outside of Kelvin’s heating technology, and knowing what to look for when shopping for a heated jacket helps get the best value out of your investment. Let’s explore a few of the most important things to look for when shopping for a battery-heated jacket.

    Value Insulating Materials

    When choosing any battery-powered garment, the fabrics and materials used play a huge role in the effectiveness of the piece. What use does heating technology serve if the fabrics surrounding it are only destined to degrade quickly over time? A quality heated jacket will be designed with durable and quality materials to guarantee the garment provides proper insulation within the garment. All Kelvin battery heated jackets are created with durable nylon materials with synthetic down materials to ensure your heated jacket can provide warmth for many seasons to come.

    Check for Adjustable Settings

    As warm-blooded individuals, our internal temperature constantly shifts throughout the day depending on our environment. Battery-heated jackets need to provide adjustable heat settings to allow those wearing the garment to transition effortlessly throughout the day depending on what the weather demands. Kelvin’s heated jackets boast three heat settings; a high, low, and eco heating duration. High settings should allow consistent heat to flow throughout the jacket for 5 hours, low heat will provide warmth for 6 hours, and the eco setting can provide heat for 12 hours.

    Choose Jackets with Quality Batteries

    As one could rightfully assume, the battery chosen for battery-heated clothing is the core of the garment’s success. The battery used within the jacket should be able to be reliably recharged so it lasts for the full duration of a day’s events. The battery should be well-protected within the inner lining of the jacket and should be conveniently designed to not provide unneeded bulkiness or weight to the garment.

    Check Care Instructions

    As with any piece of cherished outerwear, there will come a time in which the piece needs to be washed to be worn comfortably. When exploring battery-heated jackets, make sure that there are clear care instructions to ensure you will know how to properly clean your heated clothing. Kelvin’s jackets and coats have clear care instructions and directions for safely removing the battery to spot clean and wash as needed. Without clear instructions, a heated jacket can become ruined instantly with just one incorrect wash.

    Find Quality Battery Heated Jackets and Apparel at Kelvin Today

    Enjoying the winter months and cold weather conditions doesn’t have to be an impossible task, and for many people, cold weather is some of their favorite times to get outside and enjoy the crisp fresh air. Whether you’re preparing for an upcoming ski trip or you simply want to elevate a current winter wardrobe, exploring the heated apparel and battery heated jackets available at Kelvin is a worthwhile choice. Kelvin seeks to develop technical apparel that elevates current industry standards. Kelvin knew that searching for a heated jacket that is as stylish as it is functional had always been an overwhelming task, and finding one at an affordable price point was near impossible. With Kelvin’s stylish selection of heated apparel, we combine these values within each heated jacket or heated winter coat. Each Kelvin piece is created in a slim-fit modern design and boasts innovative heated technology to provide a pleasurable and exciting user experience.

    Kelvin has a wide selection of heated apparel for men and women to transform the way you view spending time in the cold. Explore the full selection of heated jackets today to find the perfect battery heated jacket for you. Have a question about Kelvin’s battery heated jacket? Visit Kelvin’s FAQ page for common questions about how to use your Kelvin heated apparel and learn more about battery heated jackets.