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September 27, 2021

In our efforts to embrace a more environmentally-conscious future, many have turned to the fashion industry’s role in sustainable business practices. The fashion industry is a huge contributor to pollution and is second only to the oil industry in its negative impacts on the environment. From toxic wastewater being dumped into natural water sources and water overconsumption to the harmful greenhouse gases generated to be released into the earth’s atmosphere, the textile industry shouldn’t be ignored within sectors of society that need to alter their production processes. Many of these pollutants can be controlled and reevaluated to hit the brakes on the industry’s poor environmental track record.

In this article, we’ll explore the emerging technology of carbon fiber and how it’s been used within the textiles industry to create heated apparel that is both innovative and fashionable.

What Makes a Coat Eco-Friendly?

Eco-friendliness is a very broad concept, and apparel can be considered eco-friendly for numerous reasons. Many eco-friendly brands will adopt a few sustainable or eco-friendly practices to help minimize the environmental harm the textile and fashion industry can generate. To just scratch the surface of what could make a brand eco-friendly, let’s explore a few methods apparel developers will use to create eco-friendly winter coats, apparel, and other wardrobe staples.

  • Utilization of non-harmful dyes.
  • Implementation of sustainable fabrics.
  • Proper wastewater management.
  • Ethical working conditions and fair wages for employees.
  • High-quality materials that will last.
  • Simple repairs for extended periods of use.

Are Kelvin Winter Coats Eco-Friendly?

At Kelvin, we believe in sustainability as an important factor in any successful modern industry. Thus, we take specific steps in the sourcing of materials to provide a sustainable product. Additionally, we look to utilize heated clothing as a platform to limit the use of disposable hand warmers. Finally, by taking the bulk out of clothing, the weight of the fabric can be reduced and overall textile consumption is minimized. Since each Kelvin piece is developed with durable fabrics and quality design, the jacket or coat can be cherished for many years. By eliminating the need to invest in fast fashion winter garments that will degrade in a few months, Kelvin pieces extend the lifespan of a winter wardrobe to encourage sustainability.

Benefits of Choosing Eco-Friendly Coats

Climate change is no longer a concept that we can afford to ignore. In a study conducted by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, By 2060, the cost of inaction on climate change is predicted to reach a staggering $44 trillion. In recent years we have already noticed longer wildfire seasons, bleached coral reefs, and rising temperatures that have perpetuated natural disasters. Choosing eco-friendly clothing and apparel brands takes a step toward a more ethical fashion industry, with benefits we can’t begin to even imagine. Let’s explore some of the major benefits of choosing to buy eco-friendly winter coats and apparel.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

By choosing a brand like Kelvin that understands the importance of sustainability, you’re able to reduce your carbon footprint. Fast fashion brands that implement flimsy and weak materials create pieces that are designed to break, tear, and need to be replaced within a year. By choosing a quality-made ethical winter coat such as Kelvin’s heated parkas and jackets, you can skip the annual winter coat shopping trip with a jacket that lasts.

Save Money

When minimizing a carbon footprint, you’re able to save money in the long run. By avoiding constant shopping trips and replacements, you can save money usually spent on clothing with apparel that lasts. Also, with a heated jacket, you can comfortably wear them on those cold autumn days where you’d be tempted to turn up the heat, saving both energy and money from the monthly electric bill.

Find Eco-Friendly Winter Coats at Kelvin

Adopting eco-friendly practices is not an all-or-nothing process, and more and more fashion brands continue to adopt ethical and eco-friendly production practices to help make the transition into an ecologically conscious world. Kelvin seeks to assist in the fight against climate change by creating heated apparel with high-quality fabrics and materials designed to sustain any environment. Take your first step toward eco-friendly apparel by exploring Kelvin’s heated jackets today.

Kelvin offers battery-heated jackets in a wide selection of styles for men and women, from lightweight layers to cozy parkas. With multiple heating zones and three temperature settings, these jackets allow everyone to find their personal human thermal comfort zone. What are you waiting for? Reduce your carbon footprint and save money on the heating bill by shopping our selection of stylish and comfortable battery-heated jackets today.