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November 10, 2021

Searching for the perfect winter coat is no light task. Not only do you need to find a coat that will work functionally, but the coat also needs to be a coat you can trust will keep you warm during the cold months of the year. As a major wardrobe staple, a winter coat needs to be chosen based on ease of mobility, our preferred style, and how well it allows us to enjoy time outdoors without dreading dropping temperatures. With the vast selection of styles available in modern markets, it can often feel overwhelming trying to choose the best jacket for your needs and a little assistance is welcomed.

In this winter coat shopping guide, we’ll explore some of the most popular winter coat styles, as well as cover what you should look for when shopping for winter coats. Whether you’re looking in-person or online, with these helpful tips you’ll be warming up in no time.

Popular Winter Coat Options

Before diving into the different elements that create a successful and effective winter coat, it’s important to know what type of coats and jackets are likely to pop up along the journey. Our winter coat is not only a functional piece of apparel, but it is also an expression of our sense of style. After all, if our outfits are dominated by a coat for an entire season, it might as well be one you know you’ll love. Some of the most popular coat types include:

  • Peacoat: Traditionally made with durable fabrics, this sturdy yet stylish coat is perfect for staying warm during formal occasions.
  • Parka: Well-insulated yet still breathable, parkas are highly efficient in cold temperature environments, a very functional winter coat. (Try the Nova)
  • Puffer: Defined mainly by their down padding, these are well-insulated coats that are one of the most lightweight winter coat options.
  • Overcoat: Equally versatile they are functional, overcoats are wool coats that pair with numerous ensembles and provide ample warmth during the colder months.
  • Jacket: While not a coat technically, winter jackets are breathable options perfect for warmer winter days or layering.

Winter Coat Shopping Guide

Now that we know of a few popular winter coat styles, let’s discuss what goes into the integrity of the winter coat. From the materials used during development to the different functions of the piece, there are numerous winter coat shopping considerations to be made outside of simply checking that the coat fits. Here are a few of the different factors that should be considered before zipping up your winter coat shopping efforts.


One of the first things you should ask yourself when trying on winter coats is, “Will this keep me warm?” Winter coats will use a variety of materials to provide insulation, and the materials chosen tend to make or break the effectiveness of a winter coat. The most common insulation materials used for winter coats are down, synthetic, and pile fabric. Each of these insulation types has advantages and disadvantages, but down is the most popular due to its ability to provide optimal warmth regardless of the terrain.

Weather Resistance

It’s safe to say that no one enjoys their clothes getting wet, especially when those clothes are drying in the cold. Just short of staying warm, staying dry should be a top priority for any winter coat or jacket. This is usually accomplished with waterproofing, and coats will vary within their level of weather resistance. For those trying to prevent any water from seeping through, they should look for a “hardshell” coating, and for a more breathable and less waterproof option opt for a “softshell”. An easy way to tell the difference is by moving the coat and listening, if there is excessive noise it is likely a hardshell coat.


Less crucial for fighting the elements, but equally important in ensuring this is a coat you’ll wear long-term, fabrics play a huge role in winter coat shopping. Not only do fabrics affect the weather resistance and insulation of the piece, but they often also dictate the overall style of the coat. At the end of the day, the perfect winter coat is one you can trust you’ll always wear. Whether that coat is leather, fleece, or hardshell, the ultimate goal should be optimizing warmth.


Shopping for winter coats is not all about style and fabrics, it’s also about function. Especially for those that love spending time outdoors, a coat should be able to properly accommodate their specific needs. When exploring winter coats make sure to check if there is a hood, how many pockets are available, and if zippers are weather-resistant. It’s also worthwhile to see if the coat boasts any exciting features, such as the heating technology at the core of each piece of Kelvin Coats apparel.

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