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November 08, 2021

Once the leaves change colors and cold autumn breezes start to pick up, it’s official: Football season has begun. As a great way to spend time with loved ones and soak up those crisp Fall nights, going to a football game can be a blast. Whether it’s your town’s local homecoming game or your state’s professional team, the fun to be experienced at a football game can easily dwindle without the proper outerwear for the occasion. It’s a tad difficult to focus on touchdowns and impressive passes if your fingers are numb, so planning efficiently before heading to the stadium is highly suggested.

In this article, we’ll explore a few styling tips for staying warm at a football game so that fans can focus on the things that matter most, making new memories with loved ones.

What to Wear to a Football Game When It’s Cold

When learning how to stay warm at a football game, the most important thing to remember is that warmth is accomplished with methodical layering. By considering all bases and leaning toward the safe side of preparation, you’ll be feeling cozy and content at the big game.

Fall in Love with Layers

The number one rule for staying warm at a football game, and staying warm during cold-weather months in general, is to remember to layer your outfits. It’s always easy to remove an outer layer if the weather starts to heat up, but adding layers that have been left behind at home isn’t so simple. During football games with predictably plummeting temps, consider wearing fleece-lined leggings beneath jeans and a few sweaters to keep cozy. It’s always easy to throw a team jersey over the ensemble to complete a game-day look.

Cover Ears with a Hat or Scarf

Cold ears can be distracting to any good football game, and covering those up with a hat is a simple solution. Hats are perhaps one of the best pieces of cold-weather gear for football games as they keep the top of your body toasty and are an easy way to flaunt a bit of home team support at the same time. The key for the perfect game-day hat is for the hat to completely cover the ears to contain upper body heat. If your team’s hat isn’t quite cutting it, consider bringing along a scarf for extra warmth.

Pay Attention to Hands and Feet

One of the quickest ways to begin shivering is by not paying enough attention to the appendages in our hands and feet. You could be completely padded for the elements but without the proper socks and gloves, all efforts will be lost. For cold temperatures, wool socks and gloves are the best moves as this fabric keeps out the cold and keeps hands and feet dry if any snow gets drafted for game day.

Bring Along a Blanket

While donning multiple sweaters and bringing along gloves is simple enough, keeping our legs warm can be one of the trickiest parts in figuring out how to stay warm at a football game. One can only add so many leggings or pants before cheering gets a bit complicated. A quick and cozy solution is to bring along a small fleece blanket for the game. This will keep your legs warm and make sure you can focus on the game instead of shivering knees.

Play Defense with a Heated Jacket

Spending time with loved ones outside during Fall and Winter can lead to some of the most cherished memories, and heated outerwear is the perfect way to stay warm during those cold-weather months. One of the coziest ways to keep warm at your next football game is to wear a heated jacket or coat over your layers. This allows football fans to adjust heat settings based on the weather, guaranteeing that they can stay invested in the game regardless of how cold it gets outside.

Find Heated Outerwear Perfect for Football Games at Kelvin Coats

Being able to go to football games is one of the best parts about enjoying the Autumn months. By knowing how to stay warm at the game, football fans can ensure they have a great time with loved ones. Kelvin Coats seeks to keep their customers warm in style, with fashionable heated outerwear perfect for embracing cold-weather months. We design comfortable and innovative technical apparel that simplifies staying cozy so that you can focus on the experiences that matter most. Explore Kelvin’s heated outerwear to make sure that you can enjoy every moment of the game.