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November 26, 2021

Properly dressing for cold weather can make or break a person’s relationship with cold weather. Considering the abundance of activities that become available with annual snowfall, knowing how to dress for cold weather is a reliable skill. From snowboarding to taking our dogs for a walk, something is bound to pull you outdoors during the cold-weather months of the year, and being able to enjoy these experiences is made much easier with the proper winter weathering clothing. Especially once the temperatures begin to plummet below 20 or 10°, safety should be the top priority when enjoying time spent with loved ones outside.

This article will explore some of the best clothing for 0° weather, with general tips for how to dress for cold weather successfully. Staying warm doesn’t have to sacrifice style if you know which fabrics and garments are the best for cold weather conditions.

What to Wear in 0° Weather

Anyone who spends considerable time outdoors knows that the weather should always affect our styling choices for the day. Countless amazing opportunities take place during 0-degree weather, from snowball fights to skiing trips. By knowing what to wear in 0-degree weather you can guarantee you’re getting the most out of these experiences. Properly dressing for cold weather isn’t all about bundling up without abandon, it’s almost mindfully choosing the best fabrics for the temperatures and activities of the day. Success is found within mindful layering.

Choosing Base Layers

The base layer is the layer of clothing that you start with, the layer closest to the skin. Since this layer is the one that will be the most tight-fit, it’s important to choose fabrics and materials that are breathable and keep sweat off the skin such as cotton or wool. Especially once the temperatures drop considerably, light base layers keep sweat off the skin to help prevent hypothermia. For the base layer make sure to choose garments that allow for additional layers on top.

Choosing Middle Layers

After choosing a base layer, it’s time to warm things up a bit more. The middle layer is all about creating insulation within the ensemble to trap heat while still allowing room for a winter coat or parka to go on top. For the middle layer, we suggest a light jacket or fleece sweater because it’s important for the garment to be breathable yet warming. For adjustable control over warmth, a heated jacket is a wonderful solution for 0-degree weather.

Choosing Outer Layers

When preparing for 0-degree weather, choosing the appropriate coat is absolutely crucial for success. Especially for those in snowy or rainy winter environments, choosing a weather-resistant coat or parka is highly suggested. The outer layer should shield a person from getting wet and keep the layers within warm and insulated while providing additional padding. Make sure to always choose a quality-made and durable winter coat to shield you from any inclement conditions.

Don’t Forget the Head, Hands, and Feet

Just because you’ve adequately layered up for cold weather doesn’t mean you’re ready to face the elements. When determining what to wear in 0° weather, you should never forget to cover all bases and consider the head, hands, and feet. Wear gloves and socks that provide ample warmth, and make sure to keep the face and ears warm with hats, scarves, or even ski masks. This will make sure that no one is distracted by numb fingers or toes.

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