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December 13, 2021

From the dawn of humanity, we have sought warmth against the elements. From shielding from rain to spending extended time in snowy terrains, we have always been creative in our efforts to stay warm and enjoy time spent outside. Luckily, staying warm has only become easier, especially with the increase in heated products and apparel. With the current market you can find heated blankets, gloves, and more welcomed than anything else during the cold winter months, heated jackets, coats, and parkas. Heated apparel has completely transformed the way we view our experiences outdoors and allows those who embrace this modern solution to enjoy these experiences in an entirely new way. But how are heated jackets developed, and how do they work?

In this article, we’ll answer the question of how heated jackets work as well as explore the way heated jackets are developed. We’ll also cover a few other commonly asked questions for those first learning about heated apparel and all of its helpful utilizations.

How Do Heated Jackets Work?

Kelvin’s heated jackets are designed with a battery that provides heating for five warming sections within the torso, with three separate heating settings for a personalized and adjustable warming process. The battery can be easily removed from the garment to be charged or wash the heated jacket. The fabrics used in the heated jacket surrounding the battery implement carbon-fiber technology to withstand the heat and properly distribute warmth throughout the body.

Understanding Carbon Fiber Technology

In the sudden increase of heated apparel, many brands such as Kelvin have implemented the use of carbon fiber technology to develop their products. Carbon fiber is developed into a fabric with a unique carbonization process in which organic fibers are placed under high temperature and gastric conditions. Carbon is an incredibly light material that naturally absorbs energy, making it an ideal ingredient for materials that need to be lightweight yet as durable as possible such as heated jackets and coats.

Carbon fiber is used in numerous industries outside of apparel and can be found in almost any section of the fashion industry, from watches to shoes. Durability is a desirable trait in most of our purchases to guarantee that we can extend the lifespan of our items, which has led to more and more developers looking toward the benefits of carbon fiber. Kelvin implements carbon fiber heating technology within all of their heated jackets and coats, not only to provide ample warmth but create a durable garment that can be cherished for a long time.

Is Heated Apparel Safe?

A common concern people have when first learning about heated jackets or heated blankets is the topic of safety. Especially when thinking of how water mingles with electricity, it can be a new concept to wrap our heads around the idea of heated clothing. Carbon fiber is developed to provide durable protection against the heating technology woven within Kelvin’s heated jacket, allowing for ample protection against any harm that can occur. The battery used within each heated garment is designed to be shielded from the elements to provide consistent heating throughout the user’s experience. Safety is Kelvin’s utmost priority, and each heated jacket is created with this value cherished.

Common Questions about Heated Apparel

So now that we’ve covered the most common question of “How do heated jackets work?” let’s address a few other popular questions people have when first learning about heated jackets and apparel. From washing instructions to safety concerns, Kelvin has considered all bases when educating others about how heated apparel works.

Can My Heated Jacket Electrocute Me When Wet?

A: Each Kelvin piece is created with safety in mind, with durable waterproof fabrics that prevent the battery within the garment from being affected by the elements. This ensures that rain and snow stay out and warmth stays in, with no worry of electrical shock in any weather condition. All Kelvin products are tested extensively for customer safety and satisfaction.

How Do I Wash a Heated Jacket?

A: Heating apparel brands will vary regarding their care instructions. All Kelvin heated apparel is machine-washable, with a delicate cycle and hang dry recommended. Make sure to remove the battery before washing the garment. Since Kelvin jackets and coats are made with down insulation, bleach and fabric softeners are not recommended.

What are the Benefits of Heated Jackets?

A: Each Kelvin piece is created with safety in mind, with durable waterproof fabrics that prevent the battery within the garment from being affected by the elements. This ensures that rain and snow stay out and warmth stays in, with no worry of electrical shock.

Find Innovative Heated Jackets at Kelvin Today

At Kelvin, we seek to create heated jackets, coats, and outerwear that effortlessly combines modern design with fashionable functionality. We believe that staying warm shouldn’t sacrifice style, and our extensive selection of heated jackets is a welcomed addition to any winter wardrobe. By understanding how heated jackets work and the benefits of their use, you can completely transform the way you experience cold weather. Explore our full selection of heated jackets today!

Outside of answering, “how do heated jackets work” Kelvin is here to address all our customer’s concerns. Contact a Kelvin specialist today to learn more about anything you’d like to know about our innovative line of technical apparel.