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February 25, 2019

Snow, sleet, freezing temperatures. They’re common winter weather conditions that can cause you to dread the entire season. Frigid forecasts and chilling winds compel you to layer uncomfortable clothing, throw on bulky jackets or stay indoors until leaving the house is absolutely necessary. But you don’t have to let winter vanquish your fashion sense or limit your outdoor activities any longer.

A battery-powered jacket can be the difference between despising the coldest time of year and taking full advantage of it. Heated jackets don’t just keep you warm, they allow you to enjoy toasty comfort without sacrificing style. This heated coat buyer’s guide will introduce you to the latest innovations and show you why a heated jacket is exactly the winter accessory you need.

What Is a Battery-Powered Jacket?

Living in a region with frequent cold temperatures means you probably put a lot of thought into the jackets you own and wear. Those jackets may have insulating properties that keep heat close to your body. As soon as your body heat inevitably diminishes, you feel cold.

Heated jackets don’t just keep heat close to your body. They use an innovative battery to generate heat in several warming zones, including the left and right sides of the chest, pockets and more. In addition to their warming zones, heated jackets also offer several settings, so you can control the amount of heat you get. A heated jacket’s battery can provide warmth for several hours depending on which heat setting you use.

Who Needs Battery-Powered Jackets?

Anyone who experiences cold temperatures in any season can benefit from a heated jacket. Whether you commute to work on frigid NYC mornings, enjoy après-ski drinks on the deck or simply want to spend more time outdoors in the winter months, a heated jacket can make cold weather enjoyable.

Not Your Average Jacket

Warmth isn’t the only benefit provided by a battery-powered jacket. These coats are designed to be stylish, comfortable and functional, too. You’ll no longer need to worry about unfashionable layering or bulky winter jackets because Kelvin Coats heated jackets are available in a variety of on-trend designs for both men and women. Leaving the layers behind also means more mobility and optimal comfort.

In addition to offering style, warmth and comfort, heated jackets offer portable device-charging capabilities. You won’t have to worry about a low cell phone battery when you have an easily accessible power pack in your pocket. Purchase an additional battery for even more hours of warmth and charging capabilities. Your heated jacket can be accessorized to suit your needs.

Why Wait?

A battery-powered jacket will change the way you view winter and the clothing associated with the coldest time of year. Simply throw on your Kelvin jacket, plug the battery into the cord located in the pocket, press the “on” button and enjoy warmth almost immediately.

It’s time to stop suffering through winter and start making the most of it by shopping our selection of the world’s most stylish and advanced heated coats today.