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December 02, 2021

A common mistake people make is assuming that fun activities are contained only in the warmer months of the year. Even though many people flock indoors during the winter months, the winter season is one of the most fun-filled times of the year. Nothing compares to the joy experienced from an unexpected snow day or the cheer felt when spending time with loved ones around a fire. Snowy weather and cold temperatures provide the avenue to countless classic indoor activities, with many awesome outdoor events to offer as well. Whether you love the winter or spend more time contemplating springtime plans, it’s always a good idea to seize the day and take advantage of everything the season has to offer.

In this article, we’ll begin our winter adventure with a few fun cold-weather activities perfect for friend hangouts, family gatherings, or simply enjoying time spent outdoors. With these fun wintertime activities, this winter will be one for the books.

Fun Things to Do in Winter with Friends

Time spent with friends is always time well spent, and the winter months provide many ways to make a hangout more interesting. Many winter activities are great for groups of people, and what better people to enjoy the colder months of the year with than your friends? Especially for students, winter tends to be one of the most convenient times to get the entire friend group together. Here are a few fun things to do in winter with friends to make sure that this winter is one that you’ll all always remember.

Go Ice Skating

As one of the most classic winter pastimes, ice skating should be high up on the list of fun activities with friends. Ice skating with friends creates fun new memories and makes it easier to find a skating buddy to help balance yourself as you skate throughout the rink. Weather permitting, head to a skate-safe lake or pond for an extra fun spin on this classic activity.

Attend a Hockey Game

Perfect for friend groups that love some healthy competition, attending a hockey game is an exciting and fun-filled activity for the cold weather months. Whether it’s a local game or a professional game in an arena, friends can have a blast choosing their favorite team and cheering within the stands.

Go Sledding

Bound to create some of the most cherished and exhilarating memories, sledding is a wintertime staple. One of the best parts of this idea is how simple it is, simply grab a few snow sleds from the store and look for the tallest hill you can find. Friends are sure to be cackling as they zoom and fly through the snowy terrain.

Fun Things to Do with Your Family in Winter

Wintertime tends to bring families closer, partially due to the holiday season but also cold weather’s tendency of keeping people indoors more often. One of the best parts of winter is snowfall, and families should always use this snowfall to their advantage if they’ve caught themselves bored while at home. Let’s explore a few fun events for the family to fall in love with this winter season.

Build a Snowman

As soon as the snow has reached just a few inches, it’s officially time for snowmen. Snowmen are simple to make and can be customized however the family would like with their chosen accessories and features. Have each family member make their own snowperson, or combine your efforts to create the ultimate new character within your backyard.

Create Snow Angels

Make your mark with your loved ones by making snow angels. Snow angels can be a lot of fun for the whole family as you all pose in creative positions, creating scenes on the ground below. This is also a great opportunity to sneak in a few snowball attacks when your loved ones least expect it.

Make Homemade Hot Chocolate

After decorating a snowman and creating snow angels, nothing sounds better than warming up with a steaming cup of hot chocolate. Make your hot cocoa extra special by having the family make a personalized hot chocolate with a hot chocolate bar. Include various toppings and syrups to let the whole family make their perfect cup.

Fun Things to Do Outside in Winter

While many of these ideas for having fun in the winter have been outdoor activities, it’s crucial to consider that some activities are impossible to enjoy without cold temperatures and unique wintery environments. Some of the most unique and fun experiences can be obtained by simply layering up and looking at the beauty of nature cloaked in the winter season. Some of the best winter outdoor activities include:


Go Ice Fishing

Perfect for those that love chilling on a boat nursing a fishing line during the summer months, ice fishing is a unique and fun way to fish and guarantee fun in the wintertime. With this exciting and unique experience, the catch of the day will be destined to be one that you never forget.

Hike with Snowshoes

Nothing can quite compare to the tranquility and calmness of nature during the winter months, and hiking with snowshoes is one of the best ways to experience it. Witness unique wildlife and get lost in your surroundings while trekking in a way you’ve never done before.

Warm Up Around a Bonfire

Perfect for loved ones, family, and friends old and new, warming up around a sprawling bonfire is one of the most popular winter activities for a reason. Make sure to wear layers or your favorite heated jacket to stay warm and enjoy basking in the glow of the flames against the chilly winter sky.

Make this Winter One of the Best Yet with Kelvin

Winter is all about getting creative and properly preparing for the elements with loved ones, regardless of the activity. Time spent with friends and family should never be confined to warm weather, and by researching a few fun things to do in the winter you can make the most of the winter season. With Kelvin Coats’ heated apparel you can effortlessly embark on the many adventures this winter provides, whether you’re snuggling up to a board game indoors or embarking on the hike of a lifetime.

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