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November 12, 2021

As heated apparel continues to intrude the outerwear market, it’s a common concern for people to ask, “How is this safe?” This is fair, considering the fact that as children we are told to “stop, drop, and roll” as soon as we feel we’re at risk of getting burned. The technology surrounding heated apparel continues to develop, but the idea of heated apparel dates back many generations. With the advancements in carbon fiber technology, we continue to revolutionize the market surrounding heated apparel. By understanding the science surrounding heating technology, people can place their worries aside regarding embracing heated apparel.

This article will answer the question of “is heated apparel safe?” to help those interested in the innovatively stylish heated jackets and coats available at Kelvin. Throw any confusion away and begin experiencing everything the great outdoors has to offer.

How Does Carbon Fiber Heating Technology Work?

While there are numerous technologies used to develop heated apparel, Kelvin uses some of the most advanced and effective methods, carbon fiber technology. Carbon fiber is a leading new textile due to its durable and lightweight nature, used in numerous industries from space engineering to fashion and apparel. When being carbonized to create carbon fibers, a lightweight, thermally conductive, and incredibly durable material is made.

Kelvin heated jackets and coats utilize carbon fiber heating technology to support the heating mechanics within each Kelvin piece.

Are Kelvin Heated Jackets Safe?

Each piece of Kelvin’s heated apparel is designed with the utmost care to guarantee customer satisfaction. At Kelvin, we don’t only seek to create innovative technical apparel, but also a stylish and creative way to enjoy time spent in colder temperatures. Each Kelvin piece is sent with detailed care instructions to ensure customers understand how to properly enjoy their heated apparel. Boasting five heating zones and three heat settings, everyone who wears a Kelvin heated jacket can customize their warming experience.

Safety is our top priority, and Kelvin uses carbon fiber technology due to its impeccable reputation and increased growth within technical industries. To feel confident that your heated apparel is developed with safety in mind and designed to last, explore Kelvin’s heated apparel today.

Kelvin Heated Apparel Elevates Industry Standards

Skepticism when first learning about heated apparel is common, as a modern solution to an age-old annoyance it can certainly be hard to put our heads around. In our quests to stay warm, we have evolved to always be creative. At Kelvin, we seek to combine our creativity with innovation to create safe and comfortable heated apparel. With safety at the core of our development and durable fabrics used within each stage of design, Kelvin elevates your expectations of the perfect winter coat. With a variety of styles for men and women, our outerwear upgrades any lifestyle with a stylishly warm solution.

So are heated jackets safe? At Kelvin, you know they are. Explore Kelvin’s full selection of heated jackets today to embrace the future of outerwear.