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March 11, 2019

When winter rolls around, does your sense of style go into hibernation? If you associate the icy months of winter with shapeless, heavy clothing, clunky boots and bedraggled scarves, think again. When it comes to winter fashion, it often starts — and finishes — with a coat that makes a statement. But did you know that a classy winter coat can be toasty warm, too?

Fashionable winter coats that are both stylish and comfortable are your go-to choices when it comes to the latest winter trends. But we’ve got plenty of other strategies to help you create stylish winter outfits:

  1. Add a scarf — Is there anything a scarf can’t do? It’s a fashion statement, a pop of color, the crowning jewel of your winter outfit — and it keeps you warm as well. Better yet, scarves are inexpensive compared to other outerwear. Choose a stylish winter coat in a neutral shade like black or navy and use scarves for a variety of different looks.
  2. Grab a turtleneck — The turtleneck is a classic go-to for several reasons. It’s a wardrobe staple, it’s easy to dress up or down, and it looks good with everything from jeans to a skirt or suit. A turtleneck also makes a great base layer for chilly days.
  3. Pick the right boots — There’s a huge variety of boots to choose from, so you no longer have to sacrifice fashion for function. Look for a well-made boot that comes up higher on your leg (say, to just below the knee) for extra warmth. The higher the boot and the higher the heel, the dressier it is — but keep slippery streets in mind, too. A lower, “chunky” heel will provide better traction than a narrow spike one. /li>
  4. Wear a hat — In addition to keeping your head warm, a hat can make a bold fashion statement. Whether you choose a simple beret, a knit cap, a newsboy or even a fedora, your choice of headgear will make a difference in both your look and your comfort level. Bonus points for finding warm, comfortable gloves or mittens that complement or coordinate with your hat of the day. And yes, you can even match them!
  5. Warm your legs —Even with a coat that warms your core, your legs may need some extra love in the winter. Look for thermal tights to use as a base layer. There also are plenty of choices to dress up your legs if you’re opting for a dress or skirt.
  6. Choose the right coat —The coat you wear has arguably the biggest impact on your winter look. The good news is there are plenty of warm, stylish coats available that make creating trendy winter outfits a snap. Consider how often you’ll wear it and for how long to determine which coat is the best fit for your lifestyle. Will you wear it for the school run? On outdoor excursions? During your twenty-minute walk to the office? When you’re looking for the ultimate in comfort without sacrificing style, check out Kelvin Coats’ line of women’s and men’s heated jackets. Their sleek lines and fashionable details will keep you warm and stylish all winter long.